On-Demand business models are growing in numbers and turning into Unicorns. The On Demand services app is a great opportunity which are breaking the stereotype models and resulting in rapid economic growth that was never seen in the past. As you know, a Unicorn is a company whose net worth is more than $1 billion. And last year world was able to produce more than a thousand unicorns. India stood in third place in Global Unicorn Index 2021. Byjuu’s is an EduTech Unicorn leading India on the global platform. Likewise, many companies address people’s needs with their apt services. And intern people with fast-moving lives appreciate any help they get to comfort and aid them even in the small way possible.

Reasons Behind The Successful On Demand Businesses-Pixel Values Technolabs

Now you find almost everything just within your finger tip’s reach. Mobile App Development Services power these apps that enable you to summon anything you want within minutes without fail.

Now let us discuss Why These So-Called On-Demand businesses are Huge Successes

Demand Creation was an essential part of the Traditional Business enhancement and development process, but today internet connectivity has opened up many ways for new possibilities. Thus possibilities have turned into Demands. Like, Local Calling and Messaging were very costly before the decade, but now we can have facetime with anyone who is at the other end of the world for as long as we can for free of cost.

WhatsApp is one of the best examples that just began to create an alternative for expensive SMS packages on the iPhone in 2009. Jan Koum (founder of WhatsApp) hired an iOS App Developer to make WhatsApp 1.0. Later, it became Cross-Platform freeware with over 1.5 billion users yet making profits as a freeware.

When Alluring Services address the Demands, no one can resist its charm anymore. Like, as the “50% off” offer of a late-night food delivery app when you get back to your home tired from work. When it is too late to cook something, your fingers can do the magic for you.

Competitive Prices make availing from these Services pocket-friendly. We can get anything we want for a minuscule of what otherwise would cost us.

Zomato has started its journey with a website that provides soft copies of menus. And now, it is the food delivery giant in India with a multi-billion dollar valuation and half a billion userbase.

Passionate and Problem-solving Founders are the reason why these businesses exist. In most cases, it all began with a problem, and the solution is the business we are talking about.

On a Concluding note, I would like to add that is all these businesses started with websites and turned into Apps. Web Development and Mobile App Development Services have played a crucial role in building these giants.

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