Covid-19 has taught many lessons to humans. One of them is that Health Care centers and their workers are praiseworthy, and without them, the world would have lost billions till now. And the great cities and their roads would have become graveyards. We have all collectively restricted and kept Covid-19 under control. But Health Care sector’s contribution and sacrifices are too huge to be undermined.


Digital Health Care Revolution-Pixel Values Technolabs

Today’s Health Care industry was able to achieve such a feat only with digitalization’s aid. Latest technologies Bringing Revolution In Health & Fitness-App Development. Take, for instance, Australia was able to virtualize millions of people’s records within a year, and more than 4 million digital prescriptions were issued. Pharmacists were also quick to heed to this challenge and were able to address the prescriptions with the medicines without causing much inconvenience to the patients.

Much to the surprise, they had to face floods that were so devastating. Tens of thousands of people had to move to shelters. Most of them were on some or the other medication. Shelter homes had surplus medicines. But they did not know what medicines and the dosage that patient was prescribed to intake, to administer it, because it was an emergency, the refugees did not have their prescriptions with them. The rescue teams were looking for ways to get their hands on the respective prescriptions, to administer the medicines to the refugees before it was too late. All efforts of the rescue teams were not enough to collect all the necessary prescriptions on time. With the digitalized patients’ database, everything was sorted with just a few clicks. Within an hour or so, the shelter homes were able to administer medicine to everyone that was in need.

Let us now discuss some of the Digital Technologies that are leading the Mobile App Development revolution of the Health Care Sector.

*  TeleClinic

* Digital Records

* Fitbits, Digital Blood Suger Analyzer, and other devices

* Robotic Surgery

* Virtual Diagnostics

* VR Training for Doctors

* Smart Implants

* Medical Vending Machine

* Smart Labs

All the above technologies reduce the waiting periods, costs, admissions, errors and provide many more benefits. Following shows the key trends shaping the healthcare industry:

key trends shaping the healthcare industry-pixel values technolabs

Like all new technologies, they also need to be taught to the personnel who will use Digital Health Technologies. And it is cost-friendly, but it takes a decent amount of time for the personnel to be productive.

On the Concluding note, I would like to add that it is intriguing and unbelievable to see such wonderful inventions coming to life in our age, like VR Surgery training sessions. And a lot more are on the to make our lives very easy and Healthy.

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