Apple has released the iOS 14.5 public beta 6 today. The new version comes along with noteworthy features like additional Siri voices, and battery recalibration to name a few. In this section today, we’ll walk you through what’s all new in this release.

Apple Released 14.5 Beta 6-Pixel Values Technolabs

Two New American Accent Siri Voices:

This is a significant update as Apple has added 2 new American accent Voices, one male and one female, to its list of iconic Siri voices. The new added voices sound more realistic. In the earlier version, there were only 2 voices, however, now there are 4. This update is also made available in the latest release of iPad, Apple Watch, and HomePod. One more very important point to note here is that, Apple no longer labels the voices by gender, instead opting to label “Voice” with a corresponding number.

The latest update, iOS 14.5 beta 6, will no longer automatically default to the female voice. During iOS initial setup, users are prompted to choose a preferred voice for Siri. For those doing an OTA update to iOS 14.5 beta 6, you’ll find the ability to select between the new voices via Settings → Siri & Search → Siri Voice.

Battery Re-calibration Tool:

There was a battery calibration issue with the iPhone 11 line phones (iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max). With this updated iOS 14.5 version, Apple claims to have this issue resolved. The battery calibration tool addresses two primary areas: reporting for maximum battery capacity and peak performance capability.

App Tracking Transparency In iOS 14.5:

This is one major change Apple has been working on. Now, the Mobile App Developer like Facebook need to seek your approval to access your advertising ID. Personally, I fully support this as it gives users a chance to change their minds who have unknowingly agreed to this.

Apple Released 14.5 Beta 6 What s New-Pixel Values Technoloabs

Siri Learning Your Favorite Music Apps:

This is how it works – You ask Siri to play a song and you’ll be prompted with a list of possible apps to play the song from; you select the app you want to use. Over time, Siri may be able to learn your preferences to the point it will no longer ask. Siri will take to asking again if you suddenly change your app usage habits.

Apart from these major updates, there are list of features that comes along with this new update, these are:

*  Unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch

*  Now you can control your PS5 or Xbox Series X consoles from your iDevice.

*  Dual-SIM 5G is now available. 

*  This is new update comes with 217 emojis.

*  Now there’s a dedicated search tab in the News app. 

Since this update includes lot of tweaks and additions, there’s a lot that we didn’t cover here. Though the latest version is pretty stable, it’s still a beta version, hence, issue(s) can arise any moment.

Getting this latest version is easy, go to this page Apple beta page in a browser on the device you wish to install the beta on. From there, you enroll your iPhone in the program, using your Apple ID to sign in. Then, you follow the on-screen instructions for downloading a beta profile and installing it on your phone.

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