As you know the 3G mobile phone has change the world’s pace through Mobile Applications, which in turn led the explosion of internet usage. Everywhere you see people doing something or the other thing on their mobiles devices and they are nothing but apps. All major Mobile Apps have unique features and content that makes them user friendly and engaging.

10 Must Have Features In Engaging Mobile Apps:

10 Must Have Features For User Friendly And Engaging Mobile App For Long Last Success Rate -Pixel Values Technolabs

* User Interface And User Experience

Your apps must have a very appealing UI and should load instantaneously for better UX. When you are designing and Developing A Successful Mobile Application, you should have a standard for use of colors, fonts, logos and image style as well. This will make sure that user experience is consistent. If you keep all the above elements robust yet simple, the user satisfaction is guaranteed. Having more colour themes will put your app on the edge.

* Search Option

Smart users never waste their time in navigating through all the all unnecessary options to get what they want; this will not keep them for long from looking for better alternative. Search Option will give the user power to choose what they want to do and also save a lot of time. This grants effortless accessibly.

* Security

Cyber security is a key feature you cannot miss on having this in your app, because users are concerned about their personal data. Especially eCommerce apps should have trusted APIs, like third party payment gateway integrated in order to counter users losing their money and to improve your credibly.

* User Engagement

Customization of apps will increase the user engagement. The more options of customization you provide for user personalization, user and app interaction will increase hugely. Yet the navigation should not become more complicated. Easy to use and yet sound customization is The Mantra to User Engagement.

* Notifications

Push notifications are quickest way to get users attention even when the device is turned off. Users are tempted to revisit app help of notification. They help in re-engagement of user. Every Notification sent will increase the user retention rate drastically.

* Review Enabling

A valued user always installs apps after reading reviews from app info. So it is very important to get into good books of users and increase your app ratings time and again. If you implement users’ suggestion you gain user loyalty and user retention.

10 Must Have Features For User Friendly And Engaging Mobile App For Long Last Success Rate -Pixel Values

* Socially Integrated

We all know how much social media presence has sky rocketed past decade. By allowing users to login using their social media accounts you can get their contacts to get large user base. And if your app can have ability to allow users to share anything everything then app will stay very long on users’ devices.

* Caching

Caching will enable your app to work offline as well as it will also allow the users to access it from anywhere and in low internet connectivity too. Caching will increase the overall usability of your app and will also the user base be overwhelmed.

* Synchronization

Your app should be optimized to be able do all that the users want. This way you can be assured that the user will not have to look for other alternatives to for their work to be done. For instance filling a form, it is pretty difficult to do it on mobile device, so most users opt for a PC or a Laptop for doing this.

* Speech Recognition

You use scroll, tap and swipe to use most of the apps. But what about the users who are injured and differently abled? Speech Recognition is the best way to get to all the users. Use SKD voice recognition or text-to-speech, to provide hassle free users engagement.

These features are sure to help you to develop an app that seamlessly does what a user want without any effort. By which you can expect your app to stay on a mobile device for a long time, as long as you release timely updates and interesting contents or features to keep the user engaged.

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